energy can change the vibes

AMONGST all around, you will notice two kinds of people, the energisers and the enervators. You feel automatically drawn towards the former, while even the thought of the latter tires you! All of us like to avoid those who are a drain on our energy. Listless people with melancholic thoughts, singularly lacking in energy or life force. These are the names you avoid on your cellphone and in your social engagements diary. They are a drain on your resources and after having met them, you feel you have lost, rather than gained anything.
On the other hand, have you noticed how one person bounding with energy can change the vibes of an entire room? All eyes are drawn towards someone who is full of dynamic ideas and a spirit that strives to do newer things, achieve greater heights. There is no time for depression here because all thoughts are taken up with present action and the thought of further action. You feel energised just meeting such a person and get carried away on a wave of goodwill and the fervour to do something. These are the people who seem to carry the world forward and most of the time you will find those at the top in all fields are the ones blessed with loads of energy. Remember the way Indira Gandhi walked, with a spring in her step? Sonia Gandhi walks with the same spring, as does Rahul Gandhi and most of the world leaders.
There’s a buzz around such people, their minds are whirring with ideas that spill over and inspire others. The secret to movement is creating energy. Any vehicle, before it moves, floats or flies, has to necessarily create a spurt of energy that propels it forth. In order to fly, a bird creates energy by flapping its wings and taking a shot leap; to pounce on its prey, even a lion needs to regroup its energies and focus them on that one deadly leap. So why then should it be any different for us? Those of us whose minds buzz and whirr with ideas are bound to take flight sooner than those who lack the requisite buzz. It is important to create an energy field around anything we do, a vital Life Force

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