This is specially for all my Creative friends out there. Creatives are known for ideas. We are bustling with ideas, spirituality, we are visionaries, we are sensitive, we are intuitive, we are feelers, we are empaths and most of us love all things beautiful.

And more creative energy is stemming from us, more we are likely to be jumping from one creative project to another, often losing interest in taking care of what seems like ‘mundane’ aspects of a creative project, to the archetype creative person. For example- marketing, drawing other people’s interest in our creative project, the commercial fruition and viable returns through a successfully conceptualized and marketed creative project.

Creative people are bursting with this immense force and creative energy that can quite often take control of their lives, with so many ideas at one time, it can often be exhausting, and we love the ‘process of creation’ itself so much, that we our often hooked on to our next BIG IDEA , before the earlier has even been completed, or in some cases being shared with public

Does this sound familiar to you?

I also realize that this burst of creativity can often make a lot us feel ungrounded, not being rooted in the earthly realities of life, we are flying, taking flights of imaginations and therefore, who cares about all the other boring stuff that makes up our living experience on Planet Earth.

But it is important for us to be aware of the ground realities and be able to participate in our earthly chores, living, dispense our duties and responsibilities towards our family and loved ones and most importantly towards ourselves so we make living a pleasure. When we can combine the two- flights of imagination, creative fulfillment and material and earthly success and grounding, we’ll be able to enjoy this experience even more and perhaps this would enable us to be even more creative drawinf from life on everyday basis, bathing in the warm glow of living and enjoying the fruits of our labor in form of commercial success or earthly recognition. We would feel more at home, in our bodies, literally speaking.

Therefore, its so important for all creative people to be rooted and to be aware of our connections with Mother Earth. We can develop this by walking barefoot on ground or grass. We can do this through focussing on our ROOT CHAKRAS or BASE CHAKRAS and imagine a RED LIGHT stemming from it, going all the way down to Earth and connecting us to it. We can even focus on OUR FEET CHAKRAS ( yeah, we have chakras or energy centers in our feet too) and by placing our feet firmly on terra cotta and taking a few deep breaths and reminding ourselves “WE ARE HERE”. We can even imagine roots growing out of our feet going into mother EARTH. This will further reinstate our earthly connection and give us a sense of stability and walking ahead feeling secure of our earthly existence.

When we learn to get more grounded, we are not going to stifle our creativity by any means, all we are doing, through these little exercises is making ourselves feel more at home, balanced, secure and stable, taking care of our earthly duties and responsibilities, while being creative. This can actually lend our creativity and wisdom a helping hand, and much needed support, as we learn to firmly put our feet on the ground as and when we need to take a break from our flights of imagination to take care of some inevitable ‘ mundane’ affairs.

In Creativity & Wisdom
Mani :




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