International yoga day – 21st june


Its an inherent desire in humans to be happy. In india the ancient sages, through inquiry about life, were able to reach of state of consciousness in which the secrets of healthier, happier, and meaningful living were revealed to them. Sages called that secret and sacred knowledge ‘YOGA’

The term YOGA is derived from Sanskrit word YUJ, meaning union. The union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. The knowledge of yoga can be found in ancient indian scriptures dating back over 5000 years. This knowledge was first revealed by Lord Shiva to his wife Parvati ( also known as Shakti , the cosmic creative energy according to Hindu Mythology.

Yoga transcends any religion or culture. Its application is universal. Yoga is not merely a form of exercise for the body , but a path towards total harmony of body, mind, and sprit, that ultimately leads to Self realization. The union with the self . It was from this state of union when Jesus said Me and My Father are one.







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