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Vitamin B12 deficiencies cause damage brain and nervous system.

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energy can change the vibes

AMONGST all around, you will notice two kinds of people, the energisers and the enervators.

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Did you touch someone today ?

Close your eyes and think of your most peaceful, healing moments. No matter what comes to mind, there’s bound to be a touch

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Just Dance – good health- fitness- manage stress

WHOEVER observed that dance isn’t a form, but a way of life, was perhaps stating a trend of our times. World  is increasingly taking to dance, well beyond just boogeying on the dance floor or shaking a leg at a wedding.

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How to manage stress – LAUGH

             A common misconception is that we laugh because we think something’s funny. Research has estimated that only 1 in 5 laughing occasions involves any humour. Babies laugh, yet don’t have to watch comedy first! In fact, toddlers laugh … Continue reading

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