How to manage stress – LAUGH


        A common misconception is that we laugh because we think something’s funny. Research has estimated that only 1 in 5 laughing occasions involves any humour. Babies laugh, yet don’t have to watch comedy first! In fact, toddlers laugh 300-400 times a day whereas by the time we’re adults we’ve learned to laugh only around 15 times a day. Some would say we become more discriminating about what we laugh about as we grow up, but maybe we have forgotten how to use a truly natural and very effective healing method.

‘What are you so happy about?’

            Another misconception is that laughing is something we only do because we are happy. In fact, it’s the other way around – we become happier by laughing. We laugh for lots of reasons: anger, frustration, fear nervousness, boredom and joy of  course. In Laughter Clubs and Laughter Meditation we learn to laugh for no good reason at all – except that it feels good and does our health a huge amount of good.

·                    Laughter provides enjoyable exercise.

·                    It’s a bit like an internal organ massage and leaves our internal organs invigorated and alert (Other ways are hiccupping, coughing, sobbing and vomiting, so given a choice.)

·                    It provides isometric abdominal exercise to tone tummies.

·                    Laughter helps us stay healthy and even helps us manage pain or illness.

·                    Helps protects us from colds and viruses – increases the levels of antibodies (Immunoglobulin A)  in the nose and respiratory passages.

·                    Increases levels of natural killer (NK) cells and antibodies to boost  the immune system.

·                    Stimulates production of lymphocytes containing T-cells that deal with cancer cells.

·                    Helps us to manage pain.

·                    Reduces blood pressure and heart rate if practiced regularly.

·                    Engages every major system of the body.

·                    Laughter helps us to feels good and look good (although not always at the time!)

·                    Is one of the best muscle relaxants.

·                    Oxygenates our blood, increasing our ‘feel good’ factor;

·                    Reduces stress hormones epinephrine and cortical.

·                    Provides facial exercise and increases blood flow to the skin.

·                    Activates our tear glands to brighten up our eyes.

It’s time to reclaim this natural method of healing. For instance, in the 1950s people laughed 18 minutes a day on an average, whereas now the average is 6 minutes per day.


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