What you express gets expressed in others


YOUR emotions are very powerful. They change you and influence other peoples behaviour towards you. Whenever some emotions arise in your system, it is like rain. The emotion is poured; like rain, it happens inside your system, in your Being. It floods you. Scientists support this view.
These emotions are generated in your brain as chemicals, neuropeptides. So, an emotion is nothing but a chemical ultimately. There are particular cells which catch those emotions. For example, if you think about anger, there are particular cells which catch that anger emotion. Not only do they just catch and stay, they will start reproducing. This cell will create at least four or five more cells that can receive this emotion.
These cells that catch the anger emotion start reproducing and each cell creates five or six more cells. Next time, when the anger shower happens, when the anger rain happens, all these cells will also catch the same emotion. They become the size of the original cells. They come to this same original size. Now, these cells also start reproducing. The third time, when the shower happens, all these cells grasp and store the emotion.
That is why, every time when you are showered with the same emotion, it becomes stronger. You get addicted to that emotion; you are unable to control that emotion.
First time, if anger is showered on you, if you are affected for 10 minutes, then the next time, it will surely become 20 minutes. Third time, it will naturally become half an hour. That is how the emotion becomes stronger and stronger.
In your being, again and again, when you cooperate with these negative emotions, you create the same type of mood, the same type of that lifestyle in you.
One more thing: not only will this emotion get recorded into you, the big problem is that you will express the same thing on others. What you have is what gets reproduced in others.
If you are working to strengthen your greed, you will be caught by the emotion of greed and you will radiate that emotion of greed. You will throw that emotion of greed on others. You will torture others also with that same emotion.
So, if you learn to generate calmness and radiate calmness, you will generate calmness around you. Over time, calmness will be built into you and around you. You will be walking bliss!
Please express what you wish others to express towards you!


source : et.india.

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